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  • High-Rise Condo Remodel - Rampart Home is one of few builders which have the necessary B certification.
  • Remodeling is not an easy process, but we have Articles that will help guide you along the way.
  • The Process - What to expect when you begin remodeling your home
  • Remodeling Spoken here - Everything you ever wanted to know about selecting a remodeler, but were afraid to ask
  • Design Analysis Agreement
And many other topics!!
  • Be sure to check out our special section on the Paul Salter House and see the many great things this community does.

Remodeling Project

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About us

President of Rampart Homes
John R. King

is a second-generation Sarasota, Florida home builder. Whether it is a new home or a major renovation, John's job is to ensure that the project is well built, on time and within budget. .

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    What our customers say ...

    • Chris & Sandy

      Sorry to leave Silver Oak and the lovely house that you renovated Thank you note - Chris & Sandy

      Hi John,
      Just a quick note to tell you that we are moving! We sold our beautiful house in Silver Oak and are moving into independent living at Bay Villages on Vamo Road. We had our name on their waitlist for 5+ years and they finally had what we wanted - 10th floor with a view of the intercostal. Sorry to leave Silver Oak and the lovely house that you renovated. You did such a nice job, it sold in 3 days! Thank you!
      All our best to you and Didi and the kids.
      Chris & Sandy
      Silver Oaks, Sarasota, FL
    • E Scott O.

      The product is great and the process was a piece of cake Thank you note - E Scott O.

      Hi folks - I was enjoying my kitchen the other day and thought of y'all at Rampart and just wanted to say thanks for everything! The product is great and the process, compared to the horror stories I always hear about, was a piece of cake. Strange COVID-appliance-delays notwithstanding.   Best to all,
      E Scott O.
      Sarasota, FL
    • Sura & Harry K.

      You didn't have to. But I'm so glad you did. Thank you note - Harry

      Dear John,
      A big thank you to: Casey - always cheerful & helpful --- Linda - for her quick response to questions --- Vince - for everything --- & you ---- for having a staff that is incredible & subcontractors that do quality work! Sincerely,
      Sura & Harry K.
      Sarasota, FL
    • Meghann+ Steve B.

      Your Help was so thoughtful, so kind and so generous ... and I am so appreciative - Thank you!

      Thank you note - Steven
      Steve, and I can't say thank you enough for all your time and effort in helping us fix our home. We really appreciated all your advice. I know you said we didn't owe you anything but your kindness didn't go unnoticed. Thank you for everything!
      Meghann+ Steve B.
      Sarasota, FL
    • Georg W.

      ... being more focused on helping than making the sale.

      Dear John,

      Thank you note - GrazeEileen and I were in your office in January. We were preparing to commit to your company for renovations to our house including removing our tile floors. When you better understood what the problem was you suggested that we hold off and you made some phone calls. You then had us contact Michael Barrels. I don't know many people who would have done what you did ... caring and helping.

      It is six months later and Michael has succeeded in helping us. We thank you for being more focused on helping than making the sale. We fully intend to move ahead with you for our house renovation. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has us unsure of when to begin. In the meantime, Eileen and I would be pleased if you would accept this gift of wine and dinner at Flemming's. (They also do take out)

      Sincerely, Georg W.
      Georg W.
    • Jeffrey J.

      I'm so glad we received your contact info from Chris

      Thank you note - Steven
      Hi John,
      Pam & I want to thank you for helping us a couple of weeks ago regarding that big 2-story house at ... Lakes. Your feedback was most helpful as was your earlier help with that 1-st home in O.. about a year ago. I'm so glad we received your contact info from Chris A. in early 2019. Thanks again, Jeffrey J.
      Jeffrey J.
      Sarasota, FL
    • Scott O.

      ... appreciate how easy the renovation process with Rampart was!

      Thank you note - ScottJohn – I hope this finds you and your family well. I thought of you recently as we are renovating an apartment in New York City – a gut renovation – and it made me appreciate how easy the renovation process with Rampart was! So I thought I’d say “Thanks’! My builder in NYC is very exacting, which is good, but not nearly as easy to deal with. And BTW, we still love our Bryands Pond Lane house, so that one’s a keeper. Best to all. Scott
      Scott O.
    • E. S. Osborne
      The two best things I ever did was marry my husband and hire Rampart Homes.
      E. S. Osborne
    • T. Lux
      Thank you very much for your involvement in my life, my business, and the Universal Design Project!
      T. Lux
      Universal Design Consultant
    • F. Conley
      In this uncertain financial environment where one seems to find unscrupulous business people at every turn, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have engaged John R. King of Rampart Homes as my contractor. Integrity is a cornerstone of his character and his firm. Rampart Homes just completed a custom building project for me. Mr. King coordinated the work himself. I found him to be totally dependable, amazingly honest, and very accommodating. When addressing every problem and question, he was professional and worked to guard my best interests. The end result was the home I always wanted and I have asked him to build a home for my parents as well.
      F. Conley
      Architectural Designer
    • D. & S. Kassicieh
      We wanted to thank you very much for the excellent job that you did on the renovation/addition to our home. From the architectural design to attention to detail, the project developed into a beautifully remodeled home. Now our house feels warm and custom built. There is now no place that we would rather be. The quality of workmanship was excellent, even by our exacting standards. John, your never ending patience, understanding, availability, and ability to accommodate us was greatly appreciated. We would certainly recommend Rampart homes to any of your future clients.
      D. & S. Kassicieh
    • K. Williams
      John was very supportive and helpful to us when we built our home. He worked with us to get the job done, stress free.
      K. Williams
    • D. & B. Johnson
      Thanks, John...for making our house a grand place to live.  We owe you and Deedee and your magnificent team a great deal. And we look forward to a long-lasting friendship. In appreciation for your work and leadership.
      D. & B. Johnson
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