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Siesta Key Whole House Remodel

Rampart Homes added a third story over the existing structure turning a dated 70’s, wood frame, California style house into a updated Mediterranean stucco home, which is built to the current codes at the time of the renovations.

Whole House Remodel

When a client hires us to remodel their home to suit their particular preferences and lifestyles, they often experience they’re happier at home.

Rampart Homes make your home more functional and more beautiful, contact on us to help as as an experienced Contractor who can remodel your Home!

We specialize in whole house remodeling. This includes design and building projects that include multiple spaces. Rampart Homes can transform your space. We work with you as our client all the way from concept to completion.

Old-Style Ranch House Makeover

The Remodeling included a grand entrance and a mother-in-law suite were added as well as solid mahogany doors, two fireplaces and a complete master suite with sitting area.  Completely rewired for electric, re-plumbed and all new HVAC mechanicals this home became like-new.

Kitchen Remodel

A Kitchen You Will Want to Be In - Updated kitchens redesigned to meet senior's lifestyle might just motivate the cook in you. A favorite place to gather with your visitors to enjoy the food and good company. The right design will make it easy to access appliances and cabinets.

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