Project Video Gallery

From Small to Large Home Remodel

On this home, we sheared off half of the existing home to build the new large addition. See project progress in the next video.

A Demo Break

Remodeled under the FEMA 50% Rule

This home was initially remodeled under the FEMA 50% rule where we sheared off half of the existing home and built a conforming three bedroom, three bath, two-story addition.

Then removed the older portion of the home and built a compliant FEMA structure and melded the two projects together to create a grand home near the bay.


Contemporary Waterfront Home

This is a contemporary waterfront home where Rampart Homes melded a guest house with the main home blending the two seamlessly.

Contemporary remodeling project

Universal Design - Kitchen Remodel

This is a certified aging in place home.

Keeping with the timeless design by blending the new with the existing.

When the owner decided to move this home was on the market for only one week before it sold.


Beginning stages of a new waterfront home


Same grand home
in finishing stage


Same house on the water progressing


Below grade piling caps and grade beams


Same house with the second-floor block been installed


Interior stair railing of the grand home addition


Same house now with the first floor living area Tie Beam’s


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