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Whether it is a new home or a major renovation, We ensure that the project is well built, on time, and within budget.

High-rises Condominiums Remodeling

When it comes to working on high-rises apartments and condominiums, Rampart Homes comes highly recommended. We have the necessary CBC B license to do the work correctly. Our experience, integrity and craftsmanship has allowed us to develop longtime relationships with clients who can count on our consistency to deliver a quality product.

Essential Info

  • High-Rise Condo Remodel - Rampart Home is one of few builders which have the necessary B certification.
  • Remodeling is not an easy process, but we have Articles that will help guide you along the way.
  • The Process - What to expect when you begin remodeling your home
  • Remodeling Spoken here - Everything you ever wanted to know about selecting a remodeler, but were afraid to ask
  • Design Analysis Agreement
And many other topics!!
  • Be sure to check out our special section on the Paul Salter House and see the many great things this community does.

Remodeling Project

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Rampart Featured in Business Weekly

Herald Tribune --- on June 17th 2019

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