Concierge Services

John King, president of Rampart Homes, Inc. applies customer service and emphasis on the relationship by offering ongoing concierge services.
King says that whether Rampart remodels an existing home or builds a custom home for a client a bond of trust is established. “It seemed like a natural transition to extend our services to keep an eye on and maintain the owner’s home in their absence.”
“Many of our clientele are retired 50+ who spend time traveling or at another home in a different part of our country or abroad. They seem to appreciate the added security of having an extra set of eyes on their homes.” King says.
He adds that many of “Rampart Homes offers services including regularly scheduled home maintenance checks, stocking the refrigerator for an arriving client, and even keeping them updated by emailing local events and news. They consider us a resource for all types of local information, from where to buy something specific to what events will be going on during their stay; it is simply good will.” All communication is backed up with emails.
King finds that keeping clients informed and updated is a key ingredient in the relationship. During a building or remodeling project, the client receives an update by email at least once a week that includes pictures of each step of the progress. He states, “Sometimes emails go back and forth between our office and our clients many times a day in order to satisfy a particular request.”
The company utilizes the team approach in engaging both client and the many trade partners required in major renovation projects and custom home building. “Continuing positive interaction helps build lifelong relationships; they know we are here for them.”

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