The Process

  • Step 1

    Rampart homes professional approach to remodeling starts with assisting the client in developing a clear understanding of the construction process including home additions, home interior modifications, and complete home remodeling.

    Whether it's giving them assistance with their architect or interior designer, or simply helping them develop a workable economical plan for their home or home site, we assist the client in developing their dreams into reality.
  • Step 2

    This process begins when the client has contacted our office and provided us with some basic information, everything from when their home was built, do they have construction plans or are they working with an architect/ draftsperson, to why the client wants to remodel or alter their home.
  • We check the tax records in the property appraiser’s office to see if the existing home matches with County records including if there's been any past permitted permanent work performed on their home.
    (In today's economy we are finding more and more clients have purchased homes that have had unpermitted/licensed work performed which will require after-the-fact permitting or possibly additional unanticipated work to bring the home up to current building code. This includes unpermitted window installations, plumbing alterations, electrical alterations, and additions or any structural enhancements.)
  • We assist the client in ascertaining whether the project is feasible and within their conceptual budget. We explain current building codes and zoning regulations and how they may affect their project.

    We prefer to initially meet the client at our office and ask them to bring any existing survey plans, photos or any pictures from magazines so that they can conceptually describe their project to us.
  • Step 3

    At this point, we can recommend several different architects or drafts person to fit their project needs.

    This process helps us develop initial discussions with our clients about conceptual project costs and scope of work. It clarifies what is taking place exterior and interior wise. Also, this assists us in explaining to the client any potential survey or lot coverage constraints, any FEMA regulations in regards to the 50% rule (if the project includes altering an existing work. home that was built prior to 1975 in a designated flood zone).
  • Step 4

    The next step in our process is for the client to develop a wish list in order of importance as it relates to the project.

    We explore any time constraints, whether or not the client is going to remain in the home during the construction process etc. After the client develops their wish list and we explore conceptually how one thing leads to another in the remodeling process and how to decide where the remodeling begins and ends.

    Our ultimate goal at Rampart homes is to make the project appear that that's the way it always was to have a seamless construction. This further leads us to whether the project makes financial sense for the clients or the neighborhood.
  • Step 5

    Once an architect has been selected we begin with developing conceptual plans and putting together our remodeling team of professionals – interior designers, cabinetry, lighting, home automation etc.
    The next step is to document the home by photographing and confirming all existing conditions.
    After the initial conceptual architectural plans have been developed, Rampart homes leads a team of our licensed subcontractors that work with us on developing a written scope of work for the project.

    During this process, we are developing a three ring binder for the client that will have a number of categories to assist them in keeping this process and their information organized.
  • Step 6

    Rampart homes is also developing numerous binders to further organize all communications between the client, architect, and any of the subcontractors or trade contractors.

    We develop a selection guide to assist the owner in selecting all related items to their project. Cabinetry and appliances, flooring, wall tile, windows, doors, paint colors, plumbing fixtures etc. This enables us to provide the owner with an accurate cost rather than simply providing a conceptual allowance.

    Our written scope of work and construction specifications is then rolled over into our estimating/costing process and then Rampart homes can provide a fixed cost for the project.
  • Step 7

    This allows the client and Rampart homes to review in detail the scope of work and construction specifications which then relates to the actual costing of the project. If costing needs to be altered, then the scope of work can be altered accordingly.

    This is a much better process than simply providing unrealistic cost allowances simply to get the job. This further allows the client to fully understand what is entailed with their project and having it all put in plain English and in detail as to what is going to take place.

    This results in very few surprises for the client. It is far easier to alter the scope of work at the beginning prior to the project beginning to insure that the project will be able to come in on time and within budget.

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