In the Community


We at rampart Homes believe that to be a great company, you have to give back to the community. We are committed to take part in providing support for groups and organizations that can have an impact on the daily lives of people that need our assistance.




The Salter House Project

John King, a member of the HBA's Board of Directors, first learned about Paul's situation from a neighbor in early 2000. He visited the Salter home to assess the possibility of adapting doorways and a shower for Paul's wheelchair, making room for his backup generator and installing many other retrofits. It couldn't be done.


Rampart's Mesothelioma Support

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that’s most often caused by asbestos exposure. It usually forms in the lungs of those who have been exposed to this deadly toxin, but sometimes occurs in the abdominal area or the area around the heart. There are a number of therapies available that can help prolong survival and minimize symptoms and discomfort, but in most cases, the cancer is too aggressive and too advanced at the time of diagnosis to be cured.

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