Consulting Services

Rampart homes offers client-centered consulting services for those clients that need something other than straightforward contracting services. The following consulting services are offered on a straight fee-based or an hourly basis.

Owners representative, for those projects that the owner wishes to have another conscientious perspective parent project observation) on the owner’s behalf to monitor the ongoing construction process and to report directly back to the owner.

To provide for quality control of the construction project. To act as the owners representative when the owner is not available. This service may include approving construction draw requests’, ensuring the project is conforming to contracted plans and specifications.

Reviewing and approving subcontractor/supplier request for payment. Obtaining and maintaining subcontractor liability and workers comp certificates.

Project costing and estimating services, to provide the owner with an accurate project budget.
Developing a project specific Gantt chart (project production schedule).
Maintenance of billing accuracy. Correlation of subcontractor scheduled values with the General schedule values
Safety and lost control. Developing safety manuals.
Site Superintendent.
Developing project punch list.

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