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Jan 30, '19

At Rampart Homes, we know the Sarasota area and the designs of the homes that are already built

At Rampart Homes, we know the Sarasota area and the designs of the homes that are already built as well as the trends for homes that are currently being designed. We can offer tips and suggestions for your home so that you have a house that showcases your personality and that has the functional quality that your family needs. Our company knows the area and the best locations to build new homes as well as areas that have seen an increase in the number of homes that have been built in the past. Rampart Homes will discuss the plans that you have to ensure that the designs are in place for a successful project.
Jan 24, '19

We Can Design a Beautiful Island Home for You in Florida

"Island Homes in Florida Must Conform to Particular Building Regulations At Rampart Homes Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we know how to design and build island homes that are located near to the coast of our state. Island homes near Florida have special building requirements because the structures are on sandy soil and are subjected to the high winds or torrential rains from hurricanes. In addition, the utility and plumbing lines are different on each island in Florida. Our customized homebuilders must also understand the safety and construction codes for each island to prepare a blueprint of a building that will meet the expectations of the local government officials. We Can Design a Beautiful Island Home for You in Florida When we are planning to build your customized home on Pine Island, Captiva Island or Amelia Island, we know that it is vital to understand how to have the materials delivered to the location at the proper time. Our team of designers and builders has extensive ex
Dec 31, '18

You Can Have a Customized Home near One of Florida’s Bays If you want to have a home that is located near the beach or a bay, then you should hire a contractor who understands how to build custom homes in these areas. Multilevel homes near a bay or a beach are our specialty, and these structures require certain types of building specifications. When you have a piece of land along a bay or next to a beach in Florida, it is likely sandy soil that requires a particular type of foundation to keep the structure stable for many years. Call Us Today for a Consultation about Custom Beachfront Homes In addition, a multilevel home near the water must have a sturdy structure to resist the damages from the high winds and torrential rains of a hurricane. This includes having durable and water-resistant roofing or siding materials to protect the underlying building frame. At Rampart Homes Inc., in Sarasota, waterfront multilevel homes are our specialty, and we can show you some of the other cus
Dec 27, '18

Hire an Expert Who Has Experience Designing Custom Homes

Hire an Expert Who Has Experience Designing Custom Homes When you want to build your own home in Florida, it is essential to hire a company with designers who know how to create the correct plans for custom homes. While you may have looked at other homes or magazine photographs of homes for many years, there are different building code regulations in place in each city. A company with a lot of experience in planning custom homes will know if some of your ideas for design elements are possible. The builder will consider your thoughts about a variety of things for your home, and he may offer advice about a few changes. Contact Us Today The planning stage for custom homes is one of the most important aspects of building a structure. With the correct blueprints and schematics, all of the contractors can determine if the plumbing system, electrical wiring and climate-control equipment will work together optimally. You must have a structure that meets the proper safety codes for having e
Nov 30, '18

When planning a winter estate on one of the islands around Sarasota…

When planning a winter estate on one of the islands around Sarasota, you want an experienced and professional company to build it. That company is Rampart Homes. We can help build the winter home you have always dreamed of having. Rampart staff works closely with our clients to develop a clear idea of the sort of house they want. Rampart Homes helps clients determine the feasibility of a project and the budget limit for building the new home. This includes a wish list of what they want to have in their winter estate. Many Rampart homes are built in a neo-traditional style to fit in with the community, and include features such as powder rooms and wraparound verandas. Call Rampart Homes at (941) 925-4835 and get started on the path to building your dream winter estate in Sarasota.
Nov 26, '18

Your Custom Home Must Conform to Local Building Codes

Your Custom Home Must Conform to Local Building Codes Custom homes require top-notch homebuilders who understand the regulations in your chosen area so that the building conforms to the proper safety standards. When you are selecting a homebuilder, it is essential to choose someone who you can communicate with about your design. Building your own home is probably a lifelong dream, and you will want it to have the floor plan that works for your family. You may want to have numerous bathrooms so that each family member has his own bathtub, sink and toilet, or you might want to have a kitchen that has multiple ovens because you love to bake cakes and pies. Have a Custom Home that Meets Your Specialized Requirements If you have mobility issues, then custom homes are the perfect choice because you can design a building that has extra-wide doors, wheelchair ramps and easy-to-use doorknobs. For custom homes, you will need a knowledgeable designer or an architect to help you plan every aspe
Oct 31, '18

Renowned for our remodeling services

Renowned for our remodeling services, Rampart Homes is a custom home building company offering myriad services. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or do a simple upgrade, our experts see to the successful execution of all projects. As credentialed as we are knowledgeable, Rampart Homes is a name you can trust in the home remodeling domain. From consulting to concierge services, we offer it all, but above all else, we strive to offer peace of mind. Given our experience as a Florida-based home restructuring company, we at Rampart Homes understand the significance of building waterfront homes that can endure harsh weather and catastrophic storms. With that said, we aim to construct structurally sound creations. For more information on our services, visit us online.
Aug 1, '17

Design Analysis Agreement

A design agreement says the contractor will work with the client to design the work you want to be done on your home or building, incorporating […]
Mar 28, '17

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study will address the following:  move vs. stay in the current location, remodel vs. tear down and build new, neighborhood values, styles, and trends…
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