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Mar 28, '17
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Aug 1, '17
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Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study will address the following:

(Applies to clients that do not have construction plans or have only preliminary "conceptual" drawings)

  • Move vs. stay in current location
  • Remodel vs. tear down and build new
  • Neighborhood values, styles and trends
  • Zoning requirements of governmental municipalities
  • FEMA-flood plain regulatory agency restrictions (velocity zones, seaward of the coastal control line)
  • Permit pulled in the last five years, if necessary
  • Utilities-sewer/water/gas/electric locations
  • Review and investigate current septic tank conditions and upgrades that may be necessary (if applicable)
  • Homeowner Association restrictions (if applicable
  • Spending restrictions i.e. FEMA/neighborhood values/client budget (if applicable
  • Take preliminary photos of existing conditions of the home and surrounding area of the home
  • Determine general site restrictions (accessibility)
  • A wish list complete with conceptual value range (to help determine the scope of work)
  • Whether to stay in the home during construction or move out (if being remodeled)

Upon completion of the feasibility study and complete analysis of the conclusions the next phase may begin (the design phase). Rampart Homes will assist clients in obtaining a design professional or architect in which preliminary drawings, and final construction drawings will be generated.

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