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Mar 28, '17
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Design Analysis Agreement

The Design Analysis Agreement will include:

  • Preliminary Design Analysis - scope of work and specifications with conceptual budgeting
  • Rampart Homes and the design professionals will consult with the local building department officials, if necessary, for conceptual budgeting purposes.
  • Meet with key subcontractors at the site, as needed, to discuss project details.
  • Meet with a structural engineer, as needed, to discuss structural preliminary details.
  • Meet with environmental engineering (reference septic tank) to determine current health department requirements and environmental engineering cost for analysis and drawings. (approximate range of cost $350 to $600 depending on scope)
  • Prepare a product selection manual.
  • Final design - Help finalize working drawings (drawings to be used for actual construction and accepted by the local building department). This also includes final structural engineering and site engineering, if necessary.

Note: Clients are directly responsible for design fees to the design professional or architect.
Clients are directly responsible for environmental engineering fees. Rampart Homes Design
review fee is 2% to 5% of the projected value of the project (scope of work)

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