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Aug 1, '17

Design Analysis Agreement

A design agreement says the contractor will work with the client to design the work you want to be done on your home or building, incorporating […]
Mar 28, '17

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study will address the following:  move vs. stay in the current location, remodel vs. tear down and build new, neighborhood values, styles, and trends…
Mar 28, '17

Remodeling Spoken Here

Buy a new home, or remodel this one? Add a new bedroom and bath, or move? These questions can be overwhelming. Settling the thought on remodeling […]
Jan 25, '17

Converting Dreams to Reality

From the Palace of Versailles to the Roman Coliseum, from the Great Sphinx to the Eiffel Tower, humankind has managed to construct some of the world’s […]
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